Meet our professional freelancers

Drew Graves

Project Manger / Director Cinematographer / Photographer

Drew  has a versatile range of skills always striving to evolve his craft. Utilizing  both modern and old technology and techniques creates a unique style within Drew's work.

Charlotte Ashcroft-Booth

Artist / Photographer
Script Editor

Charlotte is a fine artist with a wide creative view transpiring through different mediums. Presentational skills are key in her practice granting the ability to collaborate and develop clients branding and visual direction.

Benjamin Cohen

Sound recordist / Post sound mixer 
Lighting Technician

Ben is a passionate sound recordist and post sound mixer, as well as a climate advocate, experiencing climate change first hand in the southwest, leading his green approach to filmmaking. Ben has worked with Friend London, Babcock, and the charities Makers Memories and Jeremiah's Journey.

Louis Goodwin

Composer / Sound Designer

Louis has a keen interest in sound design for composition and visual media. He looks to blend the lines between natural and synthetic audio.

John Kerton


John is a composer based in Bristol with experience in scoring narrative driven media, documentaries and promotional content.  His musical influences and practice draw from a range of styles such as Impressionism, and romanticism, as well more contemporary modern styles both in classical and electronic music.

Billy Langdown

Marketing specialist Brand Designer

Billy is a creative specializing in Advertising and Brand Design. He uses his experience and background in film making and content creation to push boundaries and attract the right attention in his work.

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